Supplements Schedule & Dosing

NutrientRec. DoseOptimal TimeSecond DoseBeverageFoodOptional
Probiotic1 DailyX
Vitamin C (whole food)400-500 mgEarly AMOptional/splitXXAM/PM
Vitamin D (from food or sun)600 I.U.**800/70+ yrs
Vitamin K2 (MK4/MK7)45 mg/180-300 mcgAM/Mid-day MK4 onlyX3 x/dy MK4
Magnesium (chelated)350 – 500 mgEarly AM1 hr<BedtimeXX3-in-1 (sleep)
Boron20 mgAMXXx/dy/borax
Manganese1.8-2.3 mgAMXX
Zinc38-40 mgAMXX
Copper2mg/15mg zincAMXX
Potassium2600-4700 mgAMXX
Silica10 – 40 mgAM or PMX*X**15min < meal
Collagen5-15 g dailyAM or PMXX
X in bold indicates best method

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This chart is for general use. Those with exceptions will need to make adjustments for their particular circumstances.

Published by Douglas Johnson

I am a Life, Health and Wellness Coach, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Author & Chef

5 thoughts on “Supplements Schedule & Dosing

  1. I don’t understand the Vitamin K Schedule. I don’t understand the food and beverage columns. Can you advise?


  2. I agree. Do you mean take with beverage only or take with food only (which is what I think you mean). Or you should get this nutrient not from supplement but from food or beverage. I am also not clear on what the notes in optional mean.


  3. I took me a bit as I could not understand what you’re asking. I believe you are asking about vitamin C? It means it’s best take with beverage but can be taken with food. These are how supplements should be taken.


  4. As explained in the article, a “bold” print is the best way to take the supplement. If there also an “X” marked in the opposite box, but not “bold” print, then it can be but is not best with that.


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