How To Prevent the Flu, Bronchitis, or Other Airway Affliction From Turning Into Pneumonia

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Pneumonia is a bacterial infection of the lungs but one that in almost all cases can be prevented. How . . . you ask?

Two things have been passed down to me from physicians, especially since I had C.O.P.D., Asthma, and a couple fungal infections that weakened my lungs.

The first, take vitamin D. This has been suggested by many doctors and some suggesting large doses. I don’t know that a large dose is necessary and because this is a hormone, not a vitamin , it can have some unhealthy repercussions. 1 2 3 But some (min. RDA 600 I.U./800 I.U. over age 70) should be taken daily. (Food sources such as cod liver oil are best if no sunshine is available). D3 should be matched with vitamin K2 MK7 at a minimum ratio of 1:10 K2/D3. In other words, if you take 500 I.U. of D3, you need at least 50 mcg. of K2 MK7. This helps prevent the build-up of calcium in the blood vessels and heart that can lead to a heart attack. 4

The second and perhaps most important thing to remember and do is DO NOT SLEEP LYING DOWN! This is what causes fluids with bacteria to get into the lungs. Many good physicians will tell you, to sleep sitting or at least well elevated to prevent this from happening.

This may seem too simple for most but these two things that anyone can do are the best assurances of preventing pneumonia according to physicians.

Could you do more? Certainly and some of the same things I suggest in my articles on getting over or dealing with such afflictions can also help prevent as well as heal. What are some of those?

  1. Take a daily Probiotic and eat as many fermented foods as possible. 5 6
  2. Follow a healthy, organic, whole-food diet, avoiding processed, junk, and fast foods.
  3. Take organic/wild-crafted vitamin C (being sure to avoid all sugar for 6 hours each side of the dose. Taking higher doses will also help and at least 1000 mg is in order if you sense something coming on. 7 8 9 10
  4. Get some daily sunshine or take 1 tsp of cod liver oil daily which will provide about 500 I.U. of vitamin D. 11 12
  5. Take extra Zinc. The RDA for Zinc is 11 mg. Though is has a suggested UL of 40 mg, more can be taken but any dose over the RDA needs to be matched with copper @ a 1:15 ratio (15 mg zinc with 1 mg of copper). 13
  6. Take 1 suggested serving (dose) of Colloidal or Ionic Silver. This can be any potency but the stronger the better.
  7. Herbs such as Oregano, Thyme, and other antibacterial herbs can be taken but these will diminish some good bacteria in the gut, more so than Colloidal Silver, which is absorbed almost entirely in the stomach.
  8. Apply a Castor Oil Pack 14
  9. Drink more water – beyond the normal daily intake. 15
  10. Take Activated Charcoal. (This should only be taken consuming 1.5 times the normal amount of daily water intake).

If you find you did not catch your affliction in time, you can work naturally and safely to heal your flu, bronchitis, pneumonia following the instructions given in the two following articles found on this blog site.

How To Get Over a Cold, Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and Related Ailments

When You Just Can’t Get Away From a Virus

Though extremely “simple,” hopefully will find these helpful should you be so unfortunate to sense the onset of these airway afflictions and prevent pneumonia which can be fatal.

Written by Douglas K. Johnson – Life, Health and Wellness Coach, Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Author

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Published by Douglas Johnson

I am a Life, Health and Wellness Coach, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Author & Chef

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