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I fear all too many don’t understand marketing and all that it entails when it comes to knowing the truth. Some things may seem obvious, indeed, some are, if you just use some common sense. Of course, not everyone has an ample supply of that. But most of us should be able to know if a product is good for us or not. The same thing might also apply to medical advice as training in medicine can vary widely between natural and allopathic fields. Typically, only one (the former) gets any kind of nutritional training, wrong as that may be.

It’s just a fact of life. Not all medicine is the same, not all nutritional training is the same, and certainly, not all products or services are marketed with the same factual information. We’ve seen this through the decades as companies have advertised their products. The following are good examples:

Investigating Advertisements
Outrageous vintage cigarette ads - CBS News

While some of the claims of certain products may in fact be true, all too often we find some very seemingly convincing statements that are just not true. For example, most know McDonald’s food is not as healthy as the company would have you believe. “Wholesome”? I don’t know that I could consider anything from McDonald’s “healthy!” CocaCola? While caffeine can fix some headaches, but it won’t all and may make it worse. Relieve exhaustion? Yes, caffeine can do that, but then you get a caffeine crash. And what about the sugar crash and that sugar has made much of the world obese and increased diabetes and heart disease tremendously?

Splenda? Like many products that are considered “GRAS” (Generally regarded as safe), this one is far from “healthy!” Splenda is made by adding chlorine to regular sugar. 1 Well, that certainly doesn’t sound very healthy, bleach with sugar? In a study published in the 2008 “Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health,” it was found that, over the course of a 12-week period, sucralose reduced healthy bacteria content and increased the number of bacteria found in stools. It’s known to increase nitrogen gas leading to bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

POM Pomegranate Juice does have very beneficial properties that do increase antioxidants, it can even help clean plaque from the arteries and blood vessels, but to say it will help you “cheat death?” That would be considered an exaggeration by most authorities.

Then, of course, we have cigarettes and tobacco which were pushed by countless doctors back in the ’50s. We definitely know better now after millions have died of lung and other cancers, including the doctors who smoked them.

It’s also important to note that much of the problem with false or misleading advertising is the companies themselves. Some simply aren’t honest, don’t care, and when you think about it, it all comes down to one thing too many fail to keep in mind: Businesses are in business to make a profit! They have no concern in most cases for your health; only their bottom line. If they can convince you their product is the best one for you, they got you as a customer, sometimes for life because most will never research either the company or the product, and most will never take the time to know what may, in fact, be killing them or at least sending them down the wrong path to ill health.

Some marketing slogans are so well thought out, they might convince the buyer of anything, and – that’s the whole purpose – so they can sell their product or service.

While this statement may be true, and maybe the company is legit, one never knows about the product (or service) until they’ve purchased it, sometimes after they’ve used it, and then it may be too late. I see this all the time with damage after the fact from advice given by doctors who are told about a product (prescription) but don’t really know about it personally; only what the pharmaceutical company tells them. As a health coach, I find the same with people who’ve purchased a supplement or used a suggested product, only to find they were damaged from using it. And as a nutritional investigative reporter, I find it to be much more the case you might think. Companies lie! Statements are made without concern of the results as long as it sells the product!

Marketing is about believability, not the truth, not what may or may not work but what you can be convinced of by cleverly phrased powerful words that get you to buy whatever is being marketed.

Absolutely nothing replaces research, and the more you learn to do on your own first, the better off you will be when it comes to buying whatever it is you need. Don’t be fooled by cleverly worded advertising.

Written by Douglas K. Johnson – Life, Health and Wellness Coach, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Nutritional Investigative Journalist, and Author

Medical Disclaimer

This blog/site pro­vides gen­eral infor­ma­tion and dis­cus­sion about med­i­cine, health, and related sub­jects.  The words and other con­tent pro­vided in this blog, and in any linked mate­ri­als, are not intended and should not be con­strued as med­ical advice. 

If the reader or any other per­son has a med­ical con­cern, he or she should con­sult with an appropriately licensed physi­cian or other health care worker.

Never dis­re­gard pro­fes­sional med­ical advice or delay in seek­ing it because of some­thing you have read on this blog or in any linked materials. If you think you may have a med­ical emer­gency, call your doc­tor or 911 immediately.

The views expressed on this blog and web­site have no rela­tion to those of any academic, hospital, practice or other insti­tu­tion with which the authors are affiliated.

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I am a Life, Health and Wellness Coach, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Author & Chef

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