I fear all too many don’t understand marketing and all that it entails when it comes to knowing the truth. Some things may seem obvious, indeed, some are, if you just use some common sense. Of course, not everyone has an ample supply of that. But most of us should be able to know ifContinue reading “MARKETING – DO WE UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS AND MEANS?”


Okay, I’m not out to give all fruit a bad wrap but most fruit is acidic and some have other acids like citric acid that some folks may be better off avoiding.1 2 Yet citric acid is not all “that” bad in its natural form, as it does have some good benefits. 3 4 ButContinue reading “FEAR NOT THE FATTY FRUIT”

How To Purify the Air In Your Home

There Are Many Ways To Naturally Detox Your Home and Purify the Air – What works, what doesn’t. Plants Plants are one of the most effective and affordable ways to purify the air in your home.  Through the process of photosynthesis, plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.  They also clean the air of toxins.  While thereContinue reading “How To Purify the Air In Your Home”

How To Prevent the Flu, Bronchitis, or Other Airway Affliction From Turning Into Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a bacterial infection of the lungs but one that in almost all cases can be prevented. How . . . you ask? Two things have been passed down to me from physicians, especially since I had C.O.P.D., Asthma, and a couple fungal infections that weakened my lungs. The first, take vitamin D. ThisContinue reading “How To Prevent the Flu, Bronchitis, or Other Airway Affliction From Turning Into Pneumonia”


Hot flashes seem to be a part of life for many women. While Seed Cycling normally will eliminate or at least reduce symptoms, sometimes something more and something faster is needed. The following have been shown to help with hot flashes. Hot Flash Tea For Hot Flashes and symptoms of Menopause Use 1 tsp. BlackContinue reading “HOT FLASH REMEDIES”

Celebrate Your Healing

This month, I celebrate 10 years of optimal health since healing all thirty plus conditions I used to suffer from that once required 23 medications. Many of those conditions were medicine/doctor induced. Many ask from time to time what conditions I had. I’ll list them all below for those who are interested. But what IContinue reading “Celebrate Your Healing”


Many believe there is no difference between Vitamin C as found in plants, (citrus, berries, etc.), and synthetic Ascorbic Acid. But is that what science says? As mentioned in “What Is Vitamin C?“, ascorbic acid is just one of the nine parts that make up whole vitamin C. Ascorbic Acid made in a lab isContinue reading “WHY NOT (SYNTHETIC) ASCORBIC ACID?”


I get so many questions about the vaccine for COVID 19, as well as flu vaccines all the time. Since certain social media platforms are playing the part of The Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police) (Gestapo) as they are referred to and a reminder of, it is important to understand what the virus and theContinue reading “THE DOWN & DIRTY ON VACCINES AND THE COVID VACCINE”


What’s so great about Cod Liver Oil? It is used in a several health protocols and products and has many benefits. So what can it do for you? Benefits of Taking Cod Liver Oil Excellent Nutrient Source for Seed Cycling One of the uses of Cod Liver Oil is in Seed Cycling which calls forContinue reading “CONSIDERING COD LIVER OIL”

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