2021 Seed Cycling Chart 

Seed Cycling is a natural healing and maintenance protocol used by many Naturopathic Physicians and alternative healers to bring balance to the entire endocrine system. Its effects are a natural balancing of hormones and better regulation of hormonal pathways by the use of certain seeds and oils used during the different phases of the moon’s cycle. The results are improved digestion, better sleep, greater sex drive, more protection against irregularities that result from imbalanced hormone activity or the lack thereof. Seed cycling is both safe and effective and a better alternative to exogenous hormone therapies which can be both ineffective in addressing the entire system and safer as some therapies can be dangerous.

The chart above shows which sets of seeds and oils are best taken according to the moon’s cycles for Endocrine Balance. The proper combination of seeds with their respective oils when taken in this manner, help balance the endocrine system.  It is suggested that you change these seeds and oils with the moon’s cycle, which is especially important for women to help regulate the menstrual cycle to be in sync with the moon, the natural cycle, but the protocol will also help through menopause and for complete hormone balance.

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